Friday, April 19, 2019

Podcast 67 - Transportation Museums

This museum discussion covers visits to various types of transportation-focused museums. Many of the locations give the listener and researcher some perspective on the social history of the various museums available for minimal visitation cost.

Aeroplane Exhibit Museum -ca. 1920
Library of Congress

Some Resources used:

List of Railway Museums around the world:
Orange Empire Railway Museum:
Nashville, Chattanooga & St Louise Railway Preservation Society:
Union Pacific Railroad Museum:
Train Rides in Travel Town:    
Grand Canyon Train Rides:

South Street Seaport Museum, New York County, NY-ca 1933
Library of Congress

Maritime Museum, San Diego:
Los Angeles Maritime Museum:
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum:
Channel Islands Maritime Museum:
San Francisco Maritime National Historic Site:

Chico History Museum:
Mark Twain House & Museum (includes ghost tour):
The Bowers Museum:
Mariposa Museum:
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, CA (largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in Western North America on permanent exhibit)

Egyptian Museum:
Winchester Mystery House:

Marine Room, old Salem ships, Peabody Museum, Salem, Mass ca 1905
Library of Congress

Sara and Jean also discuss some ghost tours, both on modes of transportation and specific locations in general. Good information for those planning to travel some and wish to attempt to communicate with those departed.

A Few Ghost Tour Options

Medical Museum, Washington, D.C., Adolph Cluss, ca 1919
Library of Congress

We again apologize for the lengthy space between podcasts. We are dealing with conflicting schedules, medical issues, and family obligations. Just like everyone, we are subject to the demands of everyday living. But we hope to get back into a rhythm of recording and posting as health improves and schedules become at least somewhat more manageable.

Friday, April 5, 2019


While it may seem that the Gena and Jean blog has gone dormant, let me assure you that such is only sort of the case. Our technician (Butch Hibben) has been undergoing some health issues, involving a fair amount of pain (anyone who has had pain knows that it is hard to concentrate when the body aches). As a result, he has not been able to edit our latest recordings of our Genealogy Journeys podcasts. I assure you, that the 4 of us: Gena Philibert-Ortega, Sara Cochran, and Jean and Butch Hibben are still out there, giving lectures far & wide. Let's check the upcoming speaking engagements:


This engaging speaker is engaged all over! Check out her calendar at and you will find that she is frequently speaking in webinar format (you can see and hear her programs without leaving home!). And travel!?! She has some speaking engagements in Arizona this month, then she'll be speaking at the annual Jamboree (see link to the right), soon after taking off for her annual California speaking tour: Sacramento, Marin County, Ventura County, the Mother Lode country, and more. Well, there's too much to list here because I want to be sure to add her exciting genealogy journey on the high seas: The Founders, Fishermen, and Family History Cruise, taking place on the east coast. Spaces are still available. Autumn will find her back in California for some "local" programs.


Our newest partner, Sara Cochran, is filling up her calendar with a number of programs, not all local. She will be speaking at Jamboree for the first time and is conducting one of her workshops - this one on preserving your photos and memorabilia. It's a hands-on experience, but the space is limited, so signing up sooner rather than later is a very good idea (and early bird registration for the Jamboree Conference ends on April 22). Then she's off to the Pacific Northwest for the NorthWest Genealogy Conference in Arlington, Washington where, again, she will be conducting a workshop as well as giving some lectures. Then it's back to her home turf for local programs, including the town she calls home: Moreno Valley. Check her schedule at <>


I, too, have a busy schedule this year. I thought there would be some down time, but that's not in the cards. All of us are preparing new programs constantly and I'm no exception. I'll be in Ventura on April 20th, doing 2 presentations, then back to a couple of "gigs" in the Inland Empire. As my colleagues are doing, I, too, am presenting at the Jamboree - including a discussion at the "JamboFree" session on Friday of the conference, discussing becoming a professional genealogist. I am most excited about a program I am working on with the Fresno Genealogical Society on helping local societies grow their membership and maintain a comfortable bank balance. That's in August and, like Sara, I will also be heading to Washington State for the NorthWest conference. We hope to do some recordings there, and also at Jamboree, that will make suitable podcasts, so watch for that. I have a couple of webinars coming up and a lot of local bookings, so I'm not always on the road. My full schedule is at <>


In spite of his pain, Butch has a class he will be doing on April 16th about "Portable Apps." This is a really interesting approach to organizing and locating your genealogical material and he is trying to make it a hands-on workshop. That will be in Corona at the public library.

For details on any of these items, check our websites.

We hope that any traveling you will be doing this summer will be paved with events that make great memories. Don't forget to take the camera!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Podcast 66 - Museums, Part 2: Historical Events & Disasters

Sara Cochran and Jean Wilcox Hibben discuss museums dealing with specific historical events, including disasters - general and specific. The second half (available only with the premium subscription) includes even more specific detail on particular events - notably: floods, shipwrecks, train wrecks, and fires.

Complete podcast is located at <>

Historic museums:
La Brea Tar Pits:
LDS (Mormon) Church History Museum:
Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum:

General disaster museum topic overview essay:

Int’l Coalition of Historic Sites of Conscience:

US Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC:

Jewish History Museum and Holocaust History Center:

The Arabia:
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum:

Explosion of the Steamer Sultana, 28 April 1865
copyright 1865, Harper's Weekly
Retrieved from Library of Congress

Peshtigo Fire Museum:
New York Fire Museum:
Memphis Fire Museum:
Fire Museum of Maryland:
Fire Museum of Houseton:

Fire Tragedies, Montgomery County (TN) Historical Society:

San Francisco 1906 Earthquake & Fire Virtual museum:
(includes genealogical information via a list of the dead)

Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum, Virtual Museum:

Ashtabula, OH Train/Bridge disaster:

Listing of Rail accidents, international:

Galveston disaster - People leaving the city
Niagara Falls, N.Y. : M.H. Zahner, publisher, c1900
Retrieved from Library of Congress

ArchiveGrid - Archive list (not all inclusive):

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Podcast 65 - Museums, part 1: War/Military

For Podcast of this date, 15 January 2019

unnamed museum - National Photo Co., ca 1919
from Library of Congress

Gena Philibert-Ortega joins Jean Wilcox Hibben and Sara Cochran to discuss museums in general, types of buildings or locations that might fall in the "museum" category. Roles of curator and docent are defined to start the series of upcoming podcasts.

The Museum, Amsterdam, Holland, ca 1890-1900
from Library of Congress

The first in the series covers museums, historical societies, archives, libraries with historic collections, and other types of locations that focus on specific wars and/or the military in general. Much of the first half covers the podcasters' own experiences and impressions of how museums can fulfill a role in family history. A brief mention of virtual museums is also included.

Munich Museum, ca 1870, Library of Congress

An emphasis on contacting museums or collections that may be accessible, but require a prior notification for the museum personnel pull out records or information the researcher might not otherwise be aware of. And some museums or archives (e.g., Presidential Libraries) feature travelling exhibits, so prior research before visiting is a good idea and verifying hours, even if they are listed on the website, may prevent a long trip only to find a museum closed for renovation or experiencing reduced hours due to lack of personnel or seasonal closing.

Istanbul, Turkey Weapons Museum, ca 1920
Library of Congress

Some resources mentioned in this first of the Museum series are as follows:

March Field Air Museum:  
Island #10, New Madrid, MO:
Daughters of Union Veterans:

Ordnance Museum, Academy Hall, US Academy, West Point
ca 1901; Library of Congress