Monday, February 9, 2015

Join Jean at RootsTech!

Going to RootsTech/ FGS 2015? See Jean present on three topics:

  • Fun with . . . Citing Sources! 

  • It’s NOT Your Grandma’s Genealogy: Making the Switch from Paper to Electronic Record-Keeping

  • The 2 Sides of Interviewing: Using Tech Tools to be an Effective Interviewer

You can read more about these presentations on the RootsTech website.

Learn more about attending RootsTech or participating from home by reading Gena's article, "Come Join GenealogyBank at RootsTech 2015! (Conference Tips for Those Attending—and Those Watching Online)" available on the GenealogyBank blog.

See you at the conference!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time is Running Out...Join Gena and Jean

The holidays are over, January flew by, and Valentine's Day is almost here. Why not give a gift to yourself and join us as we take to the sea! What could be better? Genealogy presentations, 1:1 research help, the exciting company of Gena and Jean, and of course all you can eat buffets!

See below for registration phone number and email. There are a few cabins left, so sign-up today!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Tour Sponsor: Claudia C. Breland

We LOVE books and are excited to share two books authored by one of our sponsors, Claudia C. Breland.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Join Gena and Jean: SCGS Webinar Series

You have to love a webinar. You can watch some great education from the comfort of your home. Throw on the comfy slippers, play some background music, order a pizza and sit back and learn!

Gena and Jean love a webinar too and so we hope you'll join us for the 2015 SCGS Jamboree Extension  Series.

The Jamboree folks say of this year's webinars, "We have speakers from New Zealand and Canada, as well as various locations throughout the US. We have new faces giving presentations as well as several members of the SCGS / Jamboree family returning for 2015."

Gena will be presenting on Finding Your Female Ancestor's Story in the Newspaper on January 21st. Click here to sign-up.

Jean will be presenting on October 21st, The Devil is in the Details: Overlooking Minutiae can Create Lineage Limbo. To sign-up click here.

Sign-up now for all the webinars, they look fantastic!

See you online!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Next Event: Gena and Jean Genealogy Journey Goes to Sea

Are you ready? Let's take this act and go on the ocean!

We set sail on 9 July from San Pedro and return to port on 12 July after a quick stop at Ensenada. What's scheduled? Lots of genealogy networking with like-minded people and the plans for some presentations (first to register get to pick the programs) and some one-on-one consultations with . . .

Gena Philibert-Ortega - talk about social history, out-of-the-box options for locating your elusive ancestors, places you may not have considered as being pertinent to your family history, female ancestors, ephemera, domestic habits of your forebears . . . Gena has the key to unlocking the mind!

Jean Wilcox Hibben - talk about German research, Civil War ancestors, Midwestern family, the music interests of your forebears and where to learn about them, alternative directions for finding the apparently eternally lost . . . Jean has all sorts of tricks up that proverbial sleeve!

L. A. (Butch) Hibben - talk about your tech issues: smart phones, software programs, making the most of apps, using your phone to find the ancestors hidden (in cyber space? well, maybe!), getting the most from an interview, collecting stories from your living relatives . . . Butch has all sorts of devices that can make YOUR devices more productive.

It's time to put that IMAGINATION into gear and become more innovative with your research. Let us help, register today by contacting
Andy and Cory Finch: <> or calling 855-332-0100

Inside cabins start at $489.10; ocean view cabins start at $539.10 - per person, double occupancy (suites also available; check for pricing). This includes all meals, lodging, Gena and Jean (and Butch) activities, taxes, and port fees (tipping is extra).

And we have some great sponsors who will be helping us fund the "extras" on the trip . . . more on them later. 

Space is limited so reserve your spot SOON ($100/person to reserve).

Looking forward to saying "Welcome Aboard!"

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jamboree Here We Come!

Going to Jamboree? So are we! Here's our presentation schedule:

Jean will be presenting:

 FR029 - "Need Direction? Try City Directories!" More accessible than ever, city directories can fill in blanks between census years, opening new chapters in your family history research. Learn how to find, navigate, and cite this valuable record source.

SU018 - "Family History: Research and Results for the Beginner." Just getting started? Confused about the various types of records, etc.? This lecture will help clarify why to do family history and what’s needed to get started.

SU022 - "Historical Societies: Bridges between People and History." Discover how historical societies can benefit your family history research. On line, as well as in person, society resources will be examined.

Gena will be presenting:

FR000E Friday June 6, 9:45 a.m.-10:45a.m.
10 Tips for Finding Newsletter Content
You have just been asked to edit your society newsletter, now what? Writing and editing a society newsletter is a vital job in the overall health of a society. The newsletter's mission can be a complex one including; informing members, potential members and non-members or upcoming events and projects, exposing members to new genealogical methods, research, websites and technology, providing a place where members can pass along information and get assistance and perhaps even a vehicle for some fundraising. With all that a society newsletter can be, it can feel like an overwhelming job that never ends. Whether you are a new newsletter editor or have been doing it awhile and need some new ideas, the ideas in this session will make your newsletter a must read and most importantly make your job much easier.

SA030 Saturday June 7, 2:00-3:00 p.m.
Journals, Store Ledgers and Letters to Aunt Mary: Using Manuscript Collections
Manuscript collections are an overlooked resource in genealogy. Housed in archives, museums and libraries, manuscript collections can provide you with genealogical gems often overlooked when researching solely online. In this presentation we will look at what manuscript collections include and how to find them.

SA009 Saturday June 7, 8:30-9:30 a.m.
Using America’s Ethnic Newspapers to Find and Document Your Family
Typically, when we consider newspaper research we narrow ourselves to a city newspaper that served our ancestor’s hometown. But the reality is that there could be multiple newspapers that reported on an area. In a large city, finding a mention of a person can be difficult at best. Ethnic communities often had their own newspapers. Because of possible prejudices, you may have a better chance at finding an ancestor in an ethnic newspaper than a general area newspaper. Join me as we discuss what treasures ethnic newspapers hold and how you can find them on GenealogyBank.

SU002 Sunday June 8, 7:00-8:30 a.m. - Scholarship Breakfast
Of Elephants, Gold, and Dashed Dreams: Researching the California Gold Rush
Did your ancestor come to California seeking their riches in gold? Maybe they came to make money off those with golden dreams. Whether your ancestor was a miner, a merchant or somewhere in between their story can be found in the social history and records.

SU021 Sunday June 8, 1:00-2:00 p.m.
GenealogyBank - Inside and Out
Everything you need to know about
See practical examples of the genealogical information contained in newspapers. Learn about this extensive U.S. newspaper archive with more than 6,500 newspapers from all 50 states, spanning the years 1690 to today.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Family History Hints, Part 15

It is easy to get into the habit of searching for ancestors and ignoring the other people in their lives. Elizabeth Shown Mills speaks of these folks as the FAN club (Friends, Acquaintances, Neighbors). Research for Genealogy Roadshow, and clients (or our own ancestors), includes these all important people.

From the collection of Gena Philibert-Ortega

Always check the neighbors

A lot of times, when we get stuck, we go to the neighbors for help (to feed the cat, bring in the mail, borrow a cup of sugar, take us to pick up our car at the service garage, etc.). That happens in genealogy, too. We love the neighbors. Unlike today, our ancestors often spent huge amounts of time with the neighbors. The neighbors were their cousins, siblings, parents, in-laws, or just people from the old country with whom they traveled to America.

When we get stuck in genealogy, we might go back to an earlier census, locate the neighbors, and follow them around the country, in hopes that our ancestors followed them too (and they often did). Or if a stranger is buried in the plot with an ancestor, we check that person out - it just might be Uncle Fred, whose sister was the mother we were searching for. Or possibly the person who signed as a witness of a document - whom would they get to swear to their allegiance to the United States, or that they weren’t trying to cheat the government, or that they were to be trusted to repay a loan? Why, a cousin, in-law, or other person with whom they connected.

So sometimes the length of time we spend searching is not actually spent looking for the known family, but for someone who is connected to the family in one way or another. After all, cousins have the same grandparents; second cousins have the same great-grandparents, etc., and finding one of those relatives can lead us to just the path we’ve needed from the start.