Sunday, May 1, 2016

Gena and Jean at the Salt Lake Institute Of Genealogical Studies

It's about time to start planning for SLIG 2017! What's SLIG? The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogical Studies is a week long genealogical institute offered by the Utah Genealogical Association. SLIG primarily offers high-intermediate to advanced-level courses, with some intermediate courses geared to strengthen the core understanding of the research process. 

Gena and Jean are passionate about social history and SLIG provides you the chance to spend a week with us (and others) discussing and learning about this important topic.

Join Gena and Jean in January 2017 for the course Adding Social History to Your Genealogy

Genealogy research is often relegated to the dates and places of our ancestor’s lives. However, when we focus solely on names, dates, and places we miss out on rich details that tell a story and also lead to additional documents. In the course of learning more about everyday lives we uncover resources that are not utilized by genealogists. This course will look beyond the typical genealogy sources and concentrate on ways that genealogists can bring their ancestors to life. This course will assist genealogists to understand historical resources available for genealogical research; provide information about repositories that can provide documents that detail an ancestor’s community; teach ways to combing history with genealogy; provide background into our ancestor’s lives; explain ways to include social history with our genealogical narrative; and help students better understand the unique experiences of women, children and immigrant ancestors.

Prerequisites: Must have knowledge of basic genealogy research techniques and be able to understand the basics of what is involved in a reasonably exhaustive Internet search.

Registration begins July 9th! Consider joining us as part of your genealogical education goals!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Learning About Your Ancestor Through Culture and Folkways

Join Jean for a great course offered in August by the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research

The course, Learning About Your Ancestor Through Culture and Folkways  is designed to instruct students about their ancestors’ personal lives – beyond names, dates, and places – even if they did not know their early family members. To do this, students will get new ideas of how to use the tools from genealogy (and other disciplines) to become more familiar with the social history of the previous generations.

Social history includes all the “folkways” (art, music, food, costuming, traditions, etc.) that give us our cultural identity, along with the historical events that touched our ancestors’ lives. The goal: a greater understanding of our ancestors and their jobs, residences, relationships, and more. Perhaps, along the way, the students will also gain a better understanding of their own behaviors, interests, and traditions.

Course Schedule (all times U.S. Eastern)

20 August 2016

11:00 a.m. Culture and Folkways: Definitions and Roles: What is culture, as it relates to genealogy, and how does one differ from another? How do family myths relate to family history? (The work of Joseph Campbell will help answer this; in particular, those explaining the concepts of immigration and migration). Family legends will also be addressed.

1:00 p.m. Using Genealogical Resources to Understand the Lives of our Ancestors: How can you learn about an ancestors’ culture, life, community, and interests? This class will focus on how it’s revealed in census records (beyond just the ancestral household), city directories, wills, church and community records, newspapers, and more.

27 August 2016

11:00 a.m. Folkways and Traditions: How do the folkways of your ancestors define their cultural traditions? The importance of studying the music, art, holiday celebrations, clothing (costuming), games, and food will all be discussed. The provenance of artifacts and ephemera the descendants may possess will also be covered.

1:00 p.m. Where They Lived, What They Did: Why did my ancestor settle where he did? Why did he work in that job? These and similar questions will be our focus in this last session, using some of the information garnered from earlier sessions.

Plus Session, 24 August 2016, 8:00p.m. 

Culture Assimilation and Breaking Away: Becoming part of a new culture (whether that applies to American immigrants or those who moved from one part of the world to another) involves a certain level of assimilation (in order to function in the new environment). This is not easily achieved and will be discussed here, as will the issues of melding families from different cultures and the breaking away from tradition (most often associated with youth). How record-keeping is affected will also be considered. Discussion format, aided by PowerPoint “conversation starters” and resources from the field of Intercultural Communication.

Register today!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Genealogy Journey's Podcast #8: Advertising

Much of our information on advertising was extracted from various old publications we have in our collections (and we mentioned those by name in the podcast). Suggesting them as resources for further research is more likely to frustrate our followers than help you since they are obscure, to say the least. But we did use some more conventional resources that will lead you to some interesting, additional information on the topic and we are happy to provide those here.

Something we didn’t talk about is how billboards (at least the early ones) consisted of advertising pasted on previous advertising so when one started to peel off, an unusual combination of information appeared together.

Capitol - History of Billboard Advertising

Wikipedia - Billboard

Burma-Shave - Jingles  (for the book by Frank Rowsome, Jr., The Verse by the Side of the Road)

--Jean Wilcox Hibben

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meet our Sponsor: Southern California Genealogical Society

The Southern California Genealogical Society is housed at 417 Irving Dr., Burbank, California (818) 843-7247 and they can help you with a lot of your genealogy needs, but they won’t be there (or at least not for regular hours) from 3-5 June 2016. That’s because everyone will be at the Marriott in Burbank, 2500 Hollywood Way, for the 47th Annual Jamboree, with special workshops and DNA day on 2 June. We aren’t going to take a lot of space here to tell you all about the speakers (including us), the venue, the exciting education and banquet . . . you can read all about that at

Do check out the drop-down menu under “Schedule” and investigate the special events and different workshops (Jean is doing one on Gothic German Handwriting and how to read/write it; Gena is doing one on Enhancing Your Genealogy With Social History – both of these are on Thursday the 2nd – thankfully, not at the same time – but might otherwise be missed; Butch Hibben is doing one on Sunday the 5th dealing with 5 Computer Programs To Simplify The Life Of A Genealogist, bring your laptop . . . workshops require advance registration, have a very limited enrollment, and cost an extra $35 to $40 . . . so REGISTER EARLY).

And let me remind you here that the deadline for early registration is 23 April (that’s just around the corner, folks) . . . get the discounted price, go online from that same URL and click “registration.” Just a little extra information: if you JOIN SCGS, it gives you a discount on Jamboree registration PLUS you get access to its webinar archives for all the various subjects and speakers who have presented amazing material over the years . . . well worth the price!

Did I say webinars? And with Jamboree not happening till June, surely you would want to know that you don’t have to wait until then to hear from Gena and Jean, because we are EACH doing webinars in May (for SCGS). To learn about these, go to and scroll down to see our listings:

  •                 Sat, 7 May – Gena Philibert-Ortega speaking on “Once upon a Time at an Antique Store: Telling the Story of Mrs. E. G. Stetson” at 10:00 am, Pacific time.
  •                 Wed., 18 May – Jean Wilcox Hibben speaking on “Translating Latin Records of German (and Other) Catholic Churches” at 6:00 pm, Pacific time.

These are free if you tune in to the live broadcast, but if you belong to SCGS, you can view and listen any time (after they are initially broadcast and posted – the latter, takes a couple of weeks).

So there you have it. SCGS has something for everyone and if you can’t get to the Jamboree, you can still get education at a phenomenal cost. If you DO get to the Jamboree, even if you don’t get to one of the workshops mentioned above, catch us somewhere on the grounds to say “hi!” Flyers and brochures of most, if not all, our sponsors will be on the FREEBIE table (probably in the hallway), along with flyers for our cruise.

Thank you, SCGS, for being one of our regular sponsors; we appreciate your support and promotion.

--Jean Wilcox Hibben