Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Podcast 65 - Museums, part 1: War/Military

For Podcast of this date, 15 January 2019

unnamed museum - National Photo Co., ca 1919
from Library of Congress

Gena Philibert-Ortega joins Jean Wilcox Hibben and Sara Cochran to discuss museums in general, types of buildings or locations that might fall in the "museum" category. Roles of curator and docent are defined to start the series of upcoming podcasts.

The Museum, Amsterdam, Holland, ca 1890-1900
from Library of Congress

The first in the series covers museums, historical societies, archives, libraries with historic collections, and other types of locations that focus on specific wars and/or the military in general. Much of the first half covers the podcasters' own experiences and impressions of how museums can fulfill a role in family history. A brief mention of virtual museums is also included.

Munich Museum, ca 1870, Library of Congress

An emphasis on contacting museums or collections that may be accessible, but require a prior notification for the museum personnel pull out records or information the researcher might not otherwise be aware of. And some museums or archives (e.g., Presidential Libraries) feature travelling exhibits, so prior research before visiting is a good idea and verifying hours, even if they are listed on the website, may prevent a long trip only to find a museum closed for renovation or experiencing reduced hours due to lack of personnel or seasonal closing.

Istanbul, Turkey Weapons Museum, ca 1920
Library of Congress

Some resources mentioned in this first of the Museum series are as follows:

March Field Air Museum: https://www.marchfield.org/  
Island #10, New Madrid, MO: http://www.newmadridmuseum.com/
Daughters of Union Veterans: http://www.duvcw.org/research.html

Ordnance Museum, Academy Hall, US Academy, West Point
ca 1901; Library of Congress

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