Thursday, November 14, 2013


While we have mentioned a little about our work on Genealogy Roadshow, the new PBS program that has had only 4 episodes for their premier season (to test the waters, so to speak, and see if there is an interest . . . fingers are still crossed that there is enough to warrant a second season and, if you watched and liked it, please send feedback to your PBS station to let them know and give us a job in 2014). To view these episodes, go to PBS Videos.

The primary complaint we've received (from genealogists) is "how was the research accomplished?" Keeping in mind that this is television and most of the people watching (non genealogists) do not care how it was discovered, only that there was a cool story about someone who found out something exciting about an ancestor, it was not practical to detail all of the things found (and not found) in the various repositories. It is entertainment.

Well, after trying to explain this over and over, today Joshua Taylor presented a webinar for the Assoc. of Professional Genealogists and covered this very topic, among others. If you have not had a chance to listed to this one or the one he gave last night for Family Tree Magazine, they would be excellent to help you (professional or non-professional) get a full picture of what happens when genealogy meets television.

So our Journey continues into new territories for 2014 . . . more to come . . .


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