Sunday, April 24, 2016

Genealogy Journey's Podcast #8: Advertising

Much of our information on advertising was extracted from various old publications we have in our collections (and we mentioned those by name in the podcast). Suggesting them as resources for further research is more likely to frustrate our followers than help you since they are obscure, to say the least. But we did use some more conventional resources that will lead you to some interesting, additional information on the topic and we are happy to provide those here.

Something we didn’t talk about is how billboards (at least the early ones) consisted of advertising pasted on previous advertising so when one started to peel off, an unusual combination of information appeared together.

Capitol - History of Billboard Advertising

Wikipedia - Billboard

Burma-Shave - Jingles  (for the book by Frank Rowsome, Jr., The Verse by the Side of the Road)

--Jean Wilcox Hibben

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