Sunday, April 3, 2016

Meet Our Sponsor: In-Depth Genealogy

The In-Depth Genealogist (IDG) is a woman owned publishing company dedicated to encouraging a welcoming environment of collaboration and learning for all in the genealogy field. Since its inception IDG has grown from a small newsletter to a digital magazine with worldwide reach.

While many have heard about their website and magazine there is much more to IDG.  Some of the writers have branched out beyond their columns writing more detailed books on those topics.  The newly unveiled In-Briefs are great small guides that can be downloaded to your mobile device or carried with you while you research.  2016 is shaping up to be a big year for new publications with several books in the works.

IDG Chit Chat Live! is a way for the community to get to know the leadership team and IDG family better.  The YouTube show talks about anything and everything genealogy.  Filmed more often during genealogy TV season you can watch current shows on Fridays when they are posted or past episodes on the IDG YouTube channel.

The four partners for IDG are Jennifer Alford (Publisher), Shannon Combs-Bennett (Creative Director), Terri O’Connell (Executive Director) and their newest edition Heather Reed (Director of Learning).  Each brings a unique perspective and background to the company which makes them an energetic and forward thinking team.

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