Sunday, November 13, 2016

Genealogy Journey's Podcast #21: The Donner Party

Statue at Donner Memorial State Park; the top of the 22-foot (6.7 m) pedestal indicating how deep the snow was during the winter of 1846–1847.

Today we discuss Manifest Destiny and the Donner Party.


Manifest Destiny & Promotion of the Westward Movement 

Wikipedia- Manifest Destiny  
Wikipedia - Lansford Hastings 

Harlan-Young Party 

Utah History To Go - Harlan Young Party
Overland Emigration, the California Trail, and the Hastings Cutoff by Gary Topping 

Donner Party, in general 

Wikipedia - Donner Party  (extremely well-sourced) - Donner Party  (great article and video) - 10 Things You Should Know About the Donner Party
Legends of America 
The Donner Party by Daniel M. Rosen
Eyewitness to - The Tragic Fate of the Donner Party, 1847
PBS American Experience - The Donner Party
(excellent video-to purchase) 
PBS American Experience - Introduction The Donner Party 
PBS American Experience - The Party Complete Transcript

-Jean Wilcox Hibben

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