Monday, January 30, 2017

Genealogy Journey's Podcast #23: Laundry

Waslijnen Volendam / Laundry lines Volendam via Flickr the Commons


Clotheslines: - The Basic Rules for Clotheslines
The Old Farmer's Almanac - How to Choose a Clothesline - Clothesline History 
Museum of the City of New York - A Fine Line: The Art of the Clothesline 
The New York Times - Sheets Flap and Towels Hang Out 

Laundry history, in general: 
Old & Interesting - History of Laundry 
Old & Interesting - History of Laundry, after 1800

Wikipedia - Clothes dryer 
Wikipedia - UL (safety organization)
Domu - Columbian Exposition Electrical Building

Early Washing Machines: 
Krebe Tippo - History of washing machines
The Human Touch of Chemstry - Know the Invention of Washing Machines 
Wikipedia - Washing machine 
(good photos, minimal citations)  
The Great Idea Finder - Washing Machine

Jimsobservations - Mangle 
Old & Interesting - Patent Box Mangles 
1900s - What mangles were used for 
Old & Interesting - Mangle Boards
Old & Interesting - Laundry in Ice and Snow 

Soap making: 
Spadet - Colonial Soap Making- Its History and Techniques
Sappo Hill - The History of Soapmaking 
Soap History - History of Soap Making Techniques

Old & Interesting - History of Domestic Objects and Housekeping

-Jean Wilcox Hibben

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