Sunday, May 14, 2017

Genealogy Journey's Podcast #30: National Bicycle Month

Couple on a bicycle - Daytona Beach. Florida Memory via Flickr the Commons

Have you ever given thought to the history of bicycles? Did your ancestor have a bike? Join us as we talk bike memories (and don't forget to write about your own).

Classic Cycle 
America on the Move - Bicycle History from the Late 19th Century
Bicycle Transportation History Past, Present and Future  (article by Lawyer)
Wikipedia - Pairs during the Restoration 
Wikipedia - History of the bicycle 
Bicycle (take with a grain of salt)
Enchanted Learning - Bicycle
America on the Move - The Development of the Bike
Bicycle How-to - The History of Bicycles 
Jim Langley - Myths and Milestones in Bicycle Evolution  (very interesting)
Evelo - History of the Bicycle (timeline)
Bicycle Evolution in China: From the 1900s to the Present  (timeline)
Wikipedia - Bicycle Infantry (bikes in the wars)
Military Bicycles of World War II - US Army Bicycles
Wikipedia - Schwinn Bicycle Company 

Wikipedia -  Harley-Davidson (motorcycle beginnings)
Wisconsin Historical Society  - How Two Boys From Milwaukee Created the World's Largest Motorcycle Company 
Wikipedia - Henderson Motorcycle 
Wikipedia - Excelsior Motor Manufacturing 
Britannica - Cycling (biking as a sport)
Olympic - Cycling History
Wikipedia - Ironman Triathlon

Bike sharing
Bay Area Bike Share - How it Works 
Wikipedia - Bicycle sharing system 
SmarterTravel - Free Bikes, Copenhagen – Transportation 

General topics
Wikipedia - Rationing in the United States

-Jean Wilcox Hibben

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