Sunday, June 25, 2017

Genealogy Journeys's Podcast #33: Father's Day Stories

Today we look at Father's Day and share some stories about dear old dad from our listeners. Have you thought about spending some time this month writing down your memories of your dad?

Our listeners have been generous with their family stories, especially the ones that show how caring, human, and sacrificial fathers and grandfathers can be.

For many of us, our fathers and grandfathers are gone - one aim of this podcast and the blogs posted earlier this past week is to inspire folks to write down those memories before they are forgotten. And if you father or grandfather is still living, get him to share the information before it is lost!

The Richley family: Michael, Mom Barbara holding Sharon, Dad Glen S. Player, MD, and Pat Richley-Erickson. Courtesy of Pat Richley-Erickson.

Dr. Glen S. Player (Dear Myrtle's father). Courtesy of Pat Richley-Erickson

Elliott Robbins Buxton, Lynne Baillargeon's father. Courtesy of Lynne Baillargeon.

Lawrence Shockey, Diane Shockey Wright Mellin's father. Courtesy of Diane Shockey Wright Mellin.

 Ernest Eugene Clark collage by Stefanie Clark Eskander, his daughter. Courtesy of Stefanie Clark Eskander.

Lee Alfred Wilcox, Jean Hibben's paternal grandfather. Courtesy of Jean Wilcox Hibben.

Albert Chlarson, Butch Hibben's maternal grandfather. Courtesy of Jean Wilcox Hibben

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