Sunday, October 8, 2017

Genealogy Journey's Podcast #39: – Native American Day

The 2nd Monday in October is Native American Day and today's podcast takes a look at the historic movement of different tribes. Then in part 2 (available by subscription) we discuss some of the repositories for various records, problems accessing information, and the records that are available online or through the National Archives.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Tribes and involvements in historical events
Iroquois Confederacy:
Native Americans in the American Revolution:
(Calloway article) Indians; and the War for Independence:
Native Americans & The American Revolution:
Native Americans’ Role in American Revolution:
Stories from the Revolution (Calloway):

Civil War:
Alexandria, VA:
Native Americans in the Civil War:

Trail of Tears:

Repositories and Records
National Archives & Records Administration,

American Indian Records Repository (AIRR), Kansas,
AIRR, Great Plains Region,

Dawes Rolls (info):

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