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Genealogy Journeys Podcast 45: California Gold Rush, Resources and photos

In their 45th podcast, Gena and Jean discuss the impact of the California Gold Rush on the state of California and the rest of the country. The first half includes reflections of personal visits to the region and the second half (Premium subscription required) details more of the people and events surrounding the region and its settlement.

Both podcasts can be accessed from (photos of Mother Lode Country cemeteries are on the podcasts - both versions).

Photos here are of the Stanislaus River and Mariposa (where there is a marvelous museum). Mariposa is at the southern part of the Gold Rush Country, on the edge of the Stanislaus National Forest and just outside of Yosemite.

Wagon at the Mariposa Museum, Mariposa, CA
copyright 2006 by Judy Wagner, used with permission

Information gathered for this program was derived from both online sources and "hard copy" documents and texts. These are listed below:


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Stamp mill at the Mariposa Museum, Mariposa, California
copyright 2006 by Judy Wagner, used with permission


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Stanislaus River, copyright 2006 by Judy Wagner
used with permission

Song on the Premium podcast is "Lonesome, Roving Wolves" (traditional) performed by Jean Wilcox Hibben (playing guitar, dobro, and mandolin) and accompanied by Butch Hibben on saw. All rights reserved.

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