Saturday, March 17, 2018

Meet Our 2018 Sponsor: News Clippings from the Past

This is the second year that Genealogy Journeys has enjoyed the sponsorship of News Clippings from the Past. Kaylene Canfield, part owner of this unique enterprise, wrote to tell us about how they got started and what they provide the genealogist looking for help in the newspapers.

Sticking with the homemade Christmas theme the first News Clipping from the Past was put together for David’s present. He and the rest of his family were thrilled with the stories of their great and great-great grandparents and other family that had come to the Muddy Valley. No one had ever realized or thought that having just bought the local mercantile James Peters Andersen would have run a large print ad in the Las Vegas Age newspaper showing his new line of pots and pans. There in print were tales of beauty queens, high school sport achievements, church callings, births, deaths marriages and gardening. 

Once my mother got a look at the book I was quickly informed that she would like her next birthday gift to be of Washington, Utah (she’s now 89). Still my favorite book. There were my grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors. Tales of the school plays, church socials, and club. They had book clubs, gardening clubs, card game clubs. 

After a few more requests, a friend asked that we set up our books at here Moapa Valley Days event. Holy Smokes we sold out! 

Here we are going on 6 years later with over 50 different volumes. We have discovered that in the early 1900s the society dinners in Las Vegas, Nevada with oysters were just that. The train came into the station on Main Street three times a week with oysters from the coast! The Caliente, Nevada sheriff went drinking with his brother one evening realizing after waking the next morning that he had shot and killed his brother during an argument, being an honest person, he arrested himself and waited for the circuit judge to arrive to try him. 

I found it was a not so distant cousin that was tried in a trial that caused a buzz all around St. George, Utah for the poisoning death of his pregnant wife. Yet another distant cousin was the pride of his family has a bishop and State senator.

The books are reaching further north in Utah reaching Siever County and east along the Green River and up to Vernal. We have the Arizona Strip and Lincoln County Nevada. We have also put together some fun books full of advertisements, jokes and cartoons, World War I articles and cook books. Coming soon there will be books on the incubator babies of New York City in the early 1900’s, Women Suffrage and prohibition. 

All of our books are available through Amazon and other online book sellers, Ebay and in our store which is accessed through our Facebook page at News Clippings from the Page. We try to keep our page fun and informative. Look for contests and trivia and special pricing, this is where we announce as books are completed and ready to purchase.


Thank you, Kaylene, for sharing some interesting stories with us. And I hope everyone checks out that Facebook page: <> - great photos!!

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