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Meet our 2018 Sponsor: Vivid-Pix

This Spring, Sara Cochran had a chance to ask Rick Voight of Vivid-Pix some questions about the company and its products. This is Vivid-Pix’s first year as a Genealogy Journeys sponsor and we are pleased to welcome the business to our Gena and Jean Blog.

SARA: I’m excited to have a chance to get to know Rick Voight, of Vivid-Pix today! Rick,
I hope you’ll allow me to start by welcoming you as a sponsor of Genealogy Journeys!
Genealogists tend to have a real soft spot for photographs, so I’m sure many of our readers are
eager to learn more about Vivid-Pix and the services you offer.  
But first, tell us a little bit about yourself. What inspired you to start Vivid-Pix?

RICK: Hi Sara (and Jean), it’s our pleasure to be a part of Genealogy Journeys!  
Yes, I have a soft spot for photos as well – in fact all the members of our team do.
 All of us have been involved in photography for many decades each.
This includes the fields of science, software development, professional photography,
marketing, and sales.
S: What a great beginning! There are many companies out there that offer digital restoration
and editing options.  What makes Vivid-Pix unique?
R: Terrific question. There are various softwares on the market, but we decided to create
“you press the button, we do the rest,” extremely easy and intuitive software.  
Our patented process analyzes every photo and applies the correction to improve each
particular photo – this is quite unique. We then provide easy-to-use sliders to fine-tune if desired.  
Randy holds over 150 patents in color and image science. Ken, is a software developer
and accomplished professional photographer. And I’ve been developing and marketing
photo solutions since the beginning of digital (and before).
S:  While browsing your website, I noticed that you have partnered with Flip-Pal, providing
clients with an easy and convenient way to scan their photos. I have already started
scanning the family collection, as have some of our readers, so I think we’d all like to know
if your restoration software works on photos even if they weren’t scanned with a Flip-Pal?
R: Yes, our RESTORE software improves any JPEG or TIFF photo, whether from Flip-Pal
or any other means.  We partnered with Flip-Pal to create a reasonably priced solution
that met a very broad range of needs: scanning any size photo, even in photo albums;
improving scanned color prints and slides, black & white, and sepia; and then actually
recording a voice story that attaches to the photo to save and share. Here are some visuals
of what I am talking about:

S: Since you do have the Flip-Pal Bundle on the website, is it safe to say that your software
can improve the quality our collections of older, badly faded photos, as well as photos which
were taken underwater?  Any tips for people who fall into this category to ensure we see the
best possible results?
R:  We’ve been developing and selling software for over 5 years and have sold our SCUBA
improvement software in over 100 countries.  Due to this technology, people asked if we
could improve old, faded photos. We decided to tackle the challenge and RESTORE
Picture-Fix software is the result.

S: Since Genealogy Journeys is on a cruise, one our group might be tempted to pick up an
underwater camera and go scuba diving while we are away, now that they have a way to
ensure they will have beautiful photos!  Which software package would you recommend to
these folks, who will almost certainly have older photos as well as new underwater photos to
restore and improve?
R:  That would be terrific if we can inspire folks to go scuba diving – it’s an amazingly beautiful
world that I’ve been enjoying for over 40 years.  If a photo was taken underwater, Vivid-Pix
LAND & SEA SCUBA should be used – with new or old photos; improving underwater photos
is a unique system . . . as is improving old “topside” photos – where Vivid-Pix RESTORE
should be used.

LS Plus Logo
S:   Sounds like you’ve created a one-stop shop for scanning and restoring our photos, no
matter where or when they were taken! I find that the most rewarding part of working with
my family photos is sharing them with others.  What options does Vivid-Pix offer users to help
them share their memories?
R: Thank you. Yes, we’ve tried to provide software that helps folks improve their most treasured
memories.  We offer the printing of these photos through our printing service: Having spent many years in the photo printing world, we’ve developed
the capabilities to provide the best quality prints and photo gifts from land, sea, and old photos as well.
S: I noticed that your Flip-Pal bundle includes Story Scan.  Could you tell us more about that service?
R: A picture says a thousand words, but sometimes those words are really important – for
example, to explain who was in the photo, the relation to others, the story behind the photo,
and even the excitement.  StoryScan fulfills this need with recorded audio that is combined with
the photograph. We feel this fills an important family history need. In my family lineage, my
mother knows many more people than I do. At some time, hopefully many years from now, that
knowledge will probably be lost; but StoryScan allows the story and knowledge to live on.
S: Is there anything else you would like to add?
R: I guess the only thing I’d like to add is Family History is so important and the photos that
make up our story will provide more than a snapshot of our lives.  They provide a chronology
and history of those who came before us – and to those who will come after us. As we transition
from analog (printed) to digital photography, it is extremely important we prepare for the future
with Scanning, Restoring, Recording, and Sharing our memories.  Please start . . . and we’d
love to be a part:

Click the Vivid-Pix logo to the right to access their full website. I think Sara and Rick did a good job of letting all of us know that there are other options out there. Check out the videos and the Blog that can be found at the website <>

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