Sunday, June 10, 2018

Genealogy Journey's Podcast #54 - Swimwear

For the first podcast of June 2018, Gena and Jean go into a discussion of bathing suits and swimwear throughout the ages. If your ancestors took to any water sports, it is likely that they enjoyed (or didn't enjoy) the various types of garments that are discussed on the podcast as well as on the websites shared below.

Jean's mother's family consisted of a number of people who weren't shy when it came to time in the water (possibly because of having a cottage on a lake - Beaver Lake, near Hartland, Wisconsin), and it seems someone was always there with a camera to capture the fun. Sadly, the photographers were not always as careful (or the cameras were not the latest options), and some of the photos are rather blurry, but you can still get an idea about what the costuming looked like. 

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The obligatory Wikipedia description of the history of swimwear (not completely documented, but containing some great photos:

Peter and Virginia Johnson, Mamie Hollander, Hattie Hollander Warnke, Gordon and Ed Warnke
(likely photographer: Emma Johnson); Beaver Lake, Wisconsin, ca. 1914

Olivia B. Waxman and Liz Ronk,  5 June 2016, "See How Swimsuits Evolved from Victoria Times to the Bikini Age"

(lots of additional resources and explanation of the origin of the word "bikini")

Virginia Johnson, learning to dive (note bathing cap and swim shoes in her outfit); 
Beaver Lake, Wisconsin, ca. 1921 (photographer, unknown but likely Albert Hollander)

Emily Spivack, 22 June 2012 "How Bathing Suits Went from Two-pieces to Long Gowns and Back," from
Lots of clarifying images - drawings and photos - to illustrate the evolution
Hollander and Johnson family members at Beaver Lake, Wisconsin, ca. 1914

Andrea Cheng, 19 May 2016, "See How Swimsuits have Evolved through the Ages,"
(more photos up to the present time)

L. Roy Wilcox, Holland, Michigan, showing strength and latest swim fashion for men
ca. 1929 (photographer: unknown)

Mary Bellis, 3 May 2018 (updated), "History of Swimsuits," on Thought Co.

Virginia Johnson, photographer unknown (at his studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), ca. 1929

(Author known only as "Adam): "An Introduction to Swimming Caps" (Includes how to measure the head for a cap)

Virginia Johnson, Red Cross Life Guard, ca. 1929 - note required swim cap

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