Sunday, August 26, 2018

Genealogy Journeys Podcast #58: The Hobo Lifestyle

Hobo in the Jungle, preparing dinner, Minneapolis, MN, ©1939, Vachon, 
Accessed from Library of Congress

Sara Cochran joins Jean Hibben on this Genealogy Journey into the life of hobos: their lifestyles, communication, difficulties, lexicon, reasons for taking on that lifestyle, food, and even the annual Hobo Convention. Jean adds the song "Go to Sleep You Weary Hobo" in the second half, available with the Premium version.
Hobo Jungle along the riverbank, St. Louis, MO, ©1936, Rothstein
Accessed from Library of Congress

Resources used in the podcast:

Definitions: (includes a limited list of jargon)

Words & Symbols

Hobo convention


Hobo gathering, Lower Douglas Street, Omaha, NE (one of the hobo centers of the west), ©1938, Vachon
Accessed from the Library of Congress

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