Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Meet our 2018 Sponsor: Grow a DIG

If you are one of the special few coming along on the Genealogy Journeys cruise (4-8 November 2018), you are likely to run into Kelli Bergheimer, who is one of our sponsors (see previous blog post about Mess on the Desk). Kelli will be assisting folks in understanding their DNA results or finding the best DNA company to choose for their specific goals.

Grow a DIG is a genetic genealogy training series. Kelli facilitates the Central Ohio DNA Interest Group and has a passion for helping genealogists use their DNA matches to break brick walls in their research. Grow a DIG is designed for genealogical societies to start a DNA Interest Group (DIG) without a resident expert.

PowerPoint presentations with recorded audio and handouts provide an all-inclusive DNA experience. Each presentation is designed to help take your group from a beginning understanding of genetic genealogy through more advanced topics as the group progresses. The initial presentation is a training on how to start at DNA Interest Group. The next four presentations are about 1.5 hours each and provide beginner, intermediate, and more advanced topics.

More advanced topics include many 1-hour presentations on y-DNA, mt-DNA, x-inheritance patterns, along with specialized topics and tools. It’s a full year of programming that societies and libraries can use over and over for years to come. 

But if you are not local to Kelli, consider contacting her for a webinar program or series that will assist in some of these same ways. Let's face it, DNA was confusing when we took biology way back when . . . while it's now a household world, it's not a lot less confusing. In fact, having a personal guide like Kelli may be just what you need to climb those helix ladders!

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