Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet our Sponsor: Living Legacy Project and Legacy Stories


"To provide a secure platform to collect, archive, and share legacy stories that represent the living history of the 20th and 21st Centuries. And to connect those families to collaboratively build their legacy, regardless of geographic impediments."

How do they do this? And how expensive is it?

Let's take the second question first. Anyone can obtain a free website for their family photos, stories, pictures of artifacts, and even video and audio files. Obviously, space is limited for a free site, and only one free site per email address is permitted; but if you happen to have more than one email address, you could, conceivably, have more than one site! Perhaps one for Mom's family and another for Dad's. Or one for your German relatives and another for the ones from England. And even one for the living family members.

Yes, you can portray living family on this service . . . and should! It is a great way for family members to connect with each other, share vacation photos and stories, compare memories, etc. YOU determine the privacy settings. Like Facebook, you can share, but only with those you elect to be able to access your postings.

Some of the advantages of the sharing of stories and photos can go way beyond the way we used to do it with hard copy photo albums. You can reach the younger generations that are so tech-savvy! Introduce them to the family they never got to know. Help them understand the different cultures that contributed to who they are today.

One of the reasons the Living Legacy Project was started was for those whose lives were nearing the end so they could share their experiences in an easy-to-access method. The first people to use this unique system were hospice workers who recorded the life stories of numerous individuals. But the service seemed too valuable to keep to just one set of the population, hence the creation of

Head over to their website to learn how to get started with your own Living Legacy website. Confused about what you should write? Sign up for weekly prompts to get you (and/or your relatives) talking and remembering. Where did you go to elementary school and what was your favorite subject? What type of transportation did your family use to get to the store, work, school, etc.? What was the family recipe that was needed at every celebration? You don't need to be a writer to be a family historian - you just need a few simple tools, love of family, and a little time (it does NOT need to be done all at once!).

Click the icon above (Legacy Stories) to register and connect to L. A. (Butch) Hibben's page and let him guide you through the process of preserving your heritage for generations to come. Or email him directly at Butch.


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