Friday, May 29, 2015

Meet our Sponsor: JAMBOREE and the Jamboree Extension Webinars

It will be my honor to again be a participant at the Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree - the 46th Annual, in fact! And while we support their efforts, they have supported ours as one of our Cruise Sponsors.

Click the above icon to learn more about this event. There is so much to mention that I am going to keep it simple: go to the website and learn about DNA Day, Jambo-Free on Friday, the mobile app, the speakers, the tours, the exhibit hall . . . well, like I said, check it out! It will be an amazing time.

But one of the neatest things about Jamboree is that it doesn't end with the event (which, as of this writing, is less than a week away). The experience of learning from some of the greatest minds in genealogy continues with their regular webinars - free in live-streaming mode. (And available at a click in the archived version IF you join one of the most influential and helpful genealogical societies in existence.) Click on webinars to learn more. Gena already presented this year, but I have one coming up in fall. And, of course, Gena's is still available in archived form, as I just mentioned.

Just a quick reminder, I (Jean) will be presenting at Jamboree - doing three programs: Friday morning at 10:30 am I am leading a discussion called "Society Support and Share," focused on the ways to keep our societies alive and well even during a tough economy and the onslaught of the Internet, which seems to try to lure folks away from brick and mortar resources and the value of in-person networking. On Saturday at 2:00 pm I will be talking about researching and learning about our farming ancestors and on Sunday at 1:00 pm I will be covering a more general research methodology in a lecture called "Who is That? Why did our Ancestors Associate with Apparent Strangers?" 

Gena, the past President of the Southern Calif. Chapter of the Assoc. of Professional Genealogists, and I (current VP of the Chapter), are pleased to again sponsor the Research Assistance at Jamboree. To volunteer to assist others in getting a genealogical boost or to sign up to GET help (or both), please click on Research Assistance. The SCCAPG general meeting will be held in that same location - Parlor 125 & 127 on the "Tech Hallway" - on Saturday at 5:00 pm. Come on by and say, "Hello." While Gena won't be at the event this year, there will be a number of APG members present and we'd love to introduce you to the organization. We appreciate Jamboree giving us a meeting location and thank them for their sponsorship of the Cruise.

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  1. Jean and Gena, what a wonderful post! On behalf of all the Jamboree team, thank you for your continuing support and involvement with SCGS and Jamboree. It's very gratifying to have an opportunity to collaborate with professional, classy ladies like yourselves. Can't wait to see you this weekend!!