Sunday, April 23, 2017

Genealogy Journey's Podcast #29: Plumbing

State Archives of North Carolina. Flickr The Commons.

Today's podcast deals with something that is rather necessary. We take a look at plumbing and more specifically outhouses and toilets. Did your family have an outhouse?


Outhouse Excavation 
Times-Call - Lafayette woman excavates old outhouse to unearth unexpected treasures 
USA Today - Treasure hunters privy to an outhouse's buried secrets 
The Outhouses of America Tour 
New York Times - Threat to Archaeology: The Privy Diggers 
Twin Cities Pioneer Press - Afton: Hastings hobbyist’s outhouse excavations unearth history
Wikipedia - Privy digging 

Toilet Options 
Geocaching - History of the Flushing Toilet: The Water Closet
Elsan - Our History 
Wikipedia - Portable toilet 
InspectAPedia - Antique Toilets 
InspectAPedia -Composting Toilets 
InspectAPedia - Outhouse Latrine Construction 
InspectAPedia - Outhouse Latrine construction Lime 
InspectAPedia - Toilet Types
Wikipedia - Chemical toilet 
Portapotty - The History of Modern Plumbing 
K. B. Owen - Gotta go? 19th century toilets move indoors 

Greg Jenner, A Million Years in a Day, London: MacMillan, 21 June 2016 (available on-line as eBook from Google Books)

Plumbing in General 
The Plumber - Plumbing in America 
(interesting stories of the outhouses owned and used by prominent individuals) 
Wikipedia - History of Water Supply and Sanitation
John C Flood - History of Plumbing Timeline 
History Myths - Indoor Plumbing 
Washington Post - 1.6 million Americans don’t have indoor plumbing. Here’s where they live 
Pump Solutions Australasia - A Brief History of Water Pumps and How They Have Affected the World
Wikipedia - Hand pump
Pumps & Systems - History of Pumps Through the Years

--Jean Wilcox Hibben

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