Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Who will catch the worm? THE EARLY BIRD!

Will you be one of those early birds who registers for Jamboree 2017 before April 22? Hard to believe, but it is so right around the corner we can see it!

 Jamboree banner

Why go to Jamboree?
To get the most information from some of the best genealogists in the country! Folks who don't often venture to Southern California will convene from June 8-11 (with the 8th being DNA day) and share their knowledge. (Click the image above to visit the Jamboree website, register, read about speakers and exhibitors, and start now to figure out your schedule!)

Many of our sponsors will be present at Jamboree this year, but first let's try to entice you with your Genealogy Journeys hosts: Gena Philibert-Ortega and Jean Wilcox Hibben (along with Jean's husband, L. A. - Butch - Hibben). They are truly immersed in the Jamboree activities from the very start.

Thursday, June 8 workshops:
10am-noon - GENA PHILIBERT-ORTEGA and Denise Levenick (the Family Curator - see sponsor list at right) Artifact Archeology: Explore Family History Heirlooms and Ephemera (TH-B) - Workshop with limited enrollment of 40. Extra charge, but so well worth it for the information you will be receiving! Discover the secrets held deep in the recesses of things people often throw away without realizing they are discarding history

2:15-4:15pm - JEAN WILCOX HIBBEN Hunting Answers to Ethical Dilemmas Faced by 21st Century Genealogists (TH-E) with the alternate (revised) title of Hunting help for Societies and Genealogists: What is Right? What is Wrong?
After much discussion it was determined that the initial topic title might appear to address professional genealogists, so we are making an adjustment to encourage people, whether or not they are in leadership or professional roles, to attend, considering the concept as one that affects us all. And if you have ever had someone copy your tree information, you know what I mean. Prepare for a lively discussion! Extra charge, enrollment caps at 40, bring your laptops.

Friday morning, June 9 - JamboFREE:
8:30-10:00am - L.A. (BUTCH) HIBBEN Genealogy World Roundtables (in the tent) - Visit him at the Technology Table: Bring your questions about programs, computer operations, smart phones, etc. And also come to share your knowledge to help others also become tech-savvy. No Charge!

8:30-9:30am - JEAN WILCOX HIBBEN Why Become a Professional Genealogist: Preparing for an Exciting New Career or Avocation (JFE - Professional Genealogist Track, Part 1) Find your own place in the world of professional genealogy, family history, heir research, speaking, etc. Pre-registration recommended. No Charge!

9:45-10:45 - JEAN WILCOX HIBBEN and Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL Becoming a Genealogy Lecturer (JFE - Professional Genealogist Track, part 2) Two well-known lecturers, whose calendars are kept busy with their bookings, share some hints to help others find their place on the lecturing circuit. Pre-registration recommended. No Charge.

Saturday, June 10, lectures - 

10:00-11:00am - GENA PHILIBERT-ORTEGA Wives, Girlfriends, Widows, Exes and Mistresses: Documenting Women (SA018) You may think that some of these females are impossible to locate; you may not even realize that they exist in the lives of your ancestors. Well, life wasn't that much different from today - learn where these women (or at least their records) can be found! Registered attendees only.

11:30am - 12:30pm - JEAN WILCOX HIBBEN Come All Ye! Getting Information Before Literacy Was Common (SA022) If a large percentage of the early populations, in America and abroad, was illiterate, how did information get from one region to another, from one person to another, and from one generation to another? Learn how this was accomplished. Registered attendees only.

2:00-3:00pm - GENA PHILIBERT-ORTEGA Uncle Sam Wants You: Women’s Lives During World War I  (SA034) We hear a lot about the women and the work they did during WWII, but WWI had its women patriots, too. With this being the 100th anniversary of our involvement in that conflict, you might want to honor your female ancestors by attending and learning from this lecture. Registered attendees only.

Sunday, June 11, lectures/workshops - 

10:00-11:00am - GENA PHILIBERT-ORTEGA Grandma Was an Alien: Marriage and Citizenship in the 20th Century (SU012) Today the topic of citizenship is as important as it was for our ancestors. But for our female ancestors who married non-Americans, their citizenship was more tenuous than many realize. Learn what it was like for them when you attend. Registered attendees only.

10:00-11:30am - L.A. (BUTCH) HIBBEN The Latest FREE Non-Genealogy Smart Phone Apps for Genealogists (check SU-B). Bring your smart phone or (if you don't have one yet, bring your questions about them) and discover some of the lesser known apps to help make your genealogy quests more effective. Even if you have attended one of Butch's smart phone programs before, expect new material - it is constantly changing! Pre-registration, extra charge, with a limit of 28 people in the workshop.

And when you get a chance to take a break, visit our booth in the exhibit hall (more on that later)!

BUT if you wait until after the 22nd of April, the registration fees will be going up. (Note: either way, members of the Southern Calif. Genealogical Society get a discount.) DON'T WAIT, Register TODAY - even if you aren't sure what classes to take (you can always add those later). You don't want to miss this opportunity!

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